Close-up picture of pink Himalayan salt grains, showcasing their texture and color. The grains are varied in size and shape, ranging from fine to coarse, and appear in beautiful shades of pink. The light illuminates the grains, creating a visually captivating image.

Manufacturing & Exporting Himalayan Salt Products

Sharing the gift of Himalayan Rock Salt found only in Pakistan.

Whether you are a small business or a large multinational company and, no matter which country you are in, we will try our best to accommodate you.

From left to right: Four Himalayan salt products arranged together. On the far left, there are two tequila shot glasses made from pink Himalayan salt. Next to them, a fish-shaped salt lamp emits a warm glow, showcasing the natural hues of the salt crystal. In the middle, a USB lamp crafted from Himalayan salt casts a soft and soothing light. On the far right, a natural shape salt lamp stands tall, exhibiting the unique contours and colors of the Himalayan salt crystal.

Our Story

In the year 2000, the company started with one man who quit his job to export Himalayan Salt Products to a foreign business in need. Orient Corporation was established and we are proud to say that our first client is still in business with us. Now, with more than 65 employees and about 4400 square feet factory under our name, we manufacture, process and export all kinds of Himalayan Salt Products to our VIP clients around the world, making Orient Corporation one of the biggest and most influential name in Pakistan’s Himalayan Salt Manufacturers & Export Business.

Himalayan Salt Products

Natural Shape Lamps

Crafted Lamps

Basket Lamps

Candle Holders

Tiles and Bricks

USB Lamps

Edible Salt


Therapy Products

Bath Salt

Salt Licks

Salt Night Lights

Why Choose Us

CEO Bashir Ahmad receiving award for being a distunguished Himalayan Salt Product Manufacturer




Orient Corporation has made a commitment to provide you with quality products whilst confirming only ethical business practices. We are looking forward to hearing from you and guarantee that you will find us to be very professional and as accommodating as possible for all your Himalayan salt product needs.

As manufacturers, we use state of the art equipment and multiple quality checks to ensure that your product is of top-notch quality and speaks for your brand.

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