Salt Licks

Animal Licking Salt 2-3kg with Rope


On Demand

Any size/specification/shape can be produced.
Custom private labels can be placed.

Sr#Article#NameWeight (kg)Packing (pcs)
1OT-AL-786Animal Licking Salt 1-2kg1.512
2OT-AL-787Animal Licking Salt 2-3kg2.56
3OT-AL-788Animal Licking Salt 3-5kg44
4OT-AL-789Animal Licking Salt 5-8kg6.54
5OT-AL-790Animal Licking Salt 1-2kg with Rope1.512
6OT-AL-791Animal Licking Salt 2-3kg with Rope2.56
7OT-AL-792Animal Licking Salt 3-5kg with Rope44
8OT-AL-793Animal Licking Salt 5-8kg with Rope6.54
9OT-AL-794Animal Licking Salt Square Block6.54
10OT-AL-795Animal Licking Salt Cylinder Block6.54
11OT-AL-794Animal Licking Salt Square Block with Rope6.54
12OT-AL-795Animal Licking Salt Cylinder Block with Rope6.54

Himalayan Rock Salt Products laid out with Wooden Basket Lamp, White Salt Chunks Lamp, Salt Lamp and Iron Basket Chunks Lamp (left to right)